Safe Place Services

The Safe Place supports survivors in a variety of different ways.  It is always our goal to meet the survivor where they are at and help them get where they want to go. Here how we do that:

The SAFE place provides crisis counseling which is a short term confidential and goal focused services that ensures safety and overall stability. The goals of crisis counseling are to establish safety, increase stability and connect survivors to resources and long-term supports.  At the SAFE Place, we work with students in crisis counseling around developing safety plans and learning effective coping skills for symptoms commonly associated with sexual violence.

The SAFE Place educates survivors about their options, and assists survivors through the Title IX, medical or legal processes following an incident of sexual violence. The SAFE Place works with survivors to ensure they are receiving the supports they need and to which they are entitled. Additionally, the SAFE Place advocates for survivors on a campus wide level through community partnerships.

The SAFE Place works with each survivor to determine what their needs are and to connect them to services both on-campus and off-campus. The SAFE Place will vet services (whenever possible) to ensure they are appropriate and provides a warm handoff to the new service provider to minimize the need for the survivor to have to repeat their story.

Interim remedies are supports offered to survivors in order to minimize the impact that sexual violence has on their educational experience. Interim remedies include but are not limited to, academic support, changes to class schedules, changes to housing placements, and/or changes to work placement and work schedule. The SAFE Place can support survivors by implementing most interim remedies without the student filing a formal complaint with the office of Equity Programs and Compliance (the Title IX office).

Outreach strives to increase awareness around the issue of sexual violence while highlighting the supportive service that the SAFE Place offers. The SAFE Place works collaboratively to offer trainings with Health Promotion and Wellness and Equity Programs and Compliance that meet the requirements for mandatory Title IX training. The SAFE Place tables at campus wide events on a limited basis.