Counseling Services for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Needing Personal Support

  • Crisis Intervention/Assessment. In an emergency situation, faculty and/or staff may be seen in person by a clinical counselor. A clinical counselor will complete an assessment of the faculty and/or staff's emergency situation and facilitate an appropriate referral to an on/off campus resource(s). Currently CAPS does not provide ongoing personal counseling for faculty and staff.

  • Referrals. Faculty and Staff may call Counseling & Psychological Services to request off-campus mental health resources.  SF State provides mental health services as well as other resources through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  or call 1-800-367-7474.

Faculty and Staff Helping Students

Whether it is in a classroom or office setting, faculty and staff are often the first to have contact with students that are experiencing emotional or psychological distress. Our Faculty and Staff Services provide the following services to the general campus community which focus on faculty and staff helping students:

  • Consultation: Provide consultation to faculty and/or staff on a variety of emotional and psychological issues affecting students.
  • Workshops/Trainings: Provide workshops for faculty and/or staff regarding how to handle situations when students are exhibiting acting out or disruptive behavior.
  • Referrals to CAPS: Provide consultation for faculty and staff on how to facilitate a referral of a student to CAPS.
  • Off Campus Resources: Provide information on resources available in the Bay Area community if a student is either unwilling to access CAPS or requires specialized services that are not available on campus.

Concerned about a student?

The Dean of Students Office provides many avenues for reporting student concerns, one of which is the Action Crisis Team (ACT). For more information on the Action Crisis Team and how to report student concerns, please visit the Dean of Students Office website.

The Red Folder program is designed to help faculty and staff identify, respond to, and refer students in distress. This reference guide contains safety tips and contact information for a wide variety of emergency campus resources to immediately help any student in distress. Also, it provides guidance on responding to incidents in which a student might be a danger to self or threat to others. Access the Red Folder document here.

Download the Faculty and Staff Guide: Toward Enhancing Communication with Students and Helping the Emotionally Distressed Student.