Outreach Requests

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to assisting students, faculty, and staff by providing brief presentations and about our services and attending events to provide information about CAPS resources to the campus community.

We will make every effort to accommodate requests, but unfortunately, there are instances when we may not be able to fulfill a request.

    CAPS is currently offering the following:

    • CAPS Services & Access (CAPS staff can provide a 15 to 30 minute presentation on CAPS services and how to make an appointment)
    • Tabling about CAPS services (CAPS staff can provide program information and resources related to mental health issues affecting students on campus)

    Request Guidelines:

    • Please make sure you submit a CAPS Outreach Request Form at least three weeks ahead of your event
    • You may consult with the CAPS Outreach Coordinator if you have any further questions or if you have a time-sensitive request
    • If your scheduled request has to be canceled or postponed, please notify us by email at “caps@sfsu.edu” as soon as possible